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Picture Title Developer Product Description
Play With ASL Play With ASL LLC

Welcome to a gamified approach to learning American Sign Language. Kick our launch off with our first mini-game, memory match! Helps you memorize your signs and have fun at the same time. Help grab banana points for Apollo to eat with his friends.

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ASL Coach Duchy Software

In-App Purchases: ASL Coach – Pro

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ASL Dictionary Software Studios LLC

Over 5,200 Signed words in ASL. The most complete ASL American Sign Language Video Dictionary. Translate English into ASL, from A-Z, plus the entire numerical system, common English phrases, symbols and much more.

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ASL Dictionary LITE Version My Smart Hands

The My Smart Hands Baby Sign Language Dictionary app comes with over 300 signs. This Lite version comes with 120 signs and has all the functionality of the original. What is unique about this app is that it is a video dictionary that not only shows you the ASL signs, but also explains how to do them or gives you great memory tips on how to remember and understand them.

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ASL Emergency Signs Software Studios LLC

Learn important ASL signs and phrases related to emergency, medical, firefighting and law enforcement. This app currently has ASL 185 phrases and growing.

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ASL: Fingerspelling William Vicars

This app is an ASL (American Sign Language) fingerspelling practice tool to help you improve your ability to read fingerspelling! Created by Dr. Bill Vicars of

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ASL Kids – Sign Language Bas van der Wilk

Get the whole family excited about learning American Sign Language (ASL) by watching other kids sign! The ASL experts in our app are between the ages of 1 and 12, and they teach you common signs from the ASL dictionary and baby sign language. All hand signs, furthermore, are accompanied by a large image and an audio button designed to stimulate speech and hearing.

In-App Purchases: ASL dictionary

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ASL Stickers with Nyle Ink & Salt LLC

ASL Stickers with Nyle have ASL slangs, reactions, and expressions to liven up those countless hours of texting! Use Nyle to match wits with friends, express emotions or to share your favorite sayings, anytime.

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ASL Translator Software Studios LLC

There are two parts to this app :

  1. Text-to-sign Generator (Signed English)
  2. ASL Phrases
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ASL With Care Bears Ink & Salt LLC

ASL with Care Bears™, brought to you by the creators of The ASL App, is designed for kids learning American Sign Language. Packed with over 400 signs and phrases related to feelings, hobbies, friends, family, and more, this app will keep your hands busy. Kids will learn common signs and popular phrases, the unique sign names of Care Bears, and the ASL alphabet. Learning to sign is made easy through our “Read-Along” in English.

(Free version) - Offers In-App Purchases

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ASL Word Search MmpApps Corp.

ASL WORD SEARCH is a classic game of word search to help you learn American Sign Language fingerspelling. Rather than using letters on the word search grid, this app use ASL fingerspelling symbols.

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Baby Sign and Learn Baby Sign and Learn

Inspire your baby to sign! Recommended by speech therapists, the adorable Baby Sign and Learn animated characters make this app so much fun!

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Baby Sign Animal Fun Time Baby Sign and Learn


  1. Animal Dictionary - For each animal the animated baby (Molly) will demonstrate the animal sign while the cute interactive animals entertain you.
  2. Musical Zoo - Sing, sign and dance along with Molly as she sings her way through the zoo.
  3. The Animal Habitats - Have fun interacting with the monkeys, penguins, dogs and fish as they go about their business.

Offers In-App Purchases

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Hands ON ASL Play Nice LLC

Learn how to receptively and expressively finger-spell using "Hands On ASL"! Our unique, interactive application helps anyone, and everyone learn communication-basics using the American Sign Language alphabet.

Offers In-App Purchases

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Marlee Signs MEDL
Mobile Enterprises, LLC

Offers In-App Purchases:

  1. Around You Lesson Pack
  2. Home Lesson Pack
  3. Around Town Lesson Pack
  4. Around World Lesson Pack
  5. Baby Signs Lesson Pack
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Sign Language for the Classroom: ASL library Barbara Pflaum

This app features over 600 signs for classroom use, including signs for biology, geography, government, mathematics, physics, technology, US history and auto-mechanics. The 96 Biology signs can be accessed for free, the others through in-app purchase.

Offers In-App Purchases of Sign language videos about:

  • Geography and countries.
  • Government and US history.
  • Mathematics and physics.
  • Technology and auto-mechanics.
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Signed Stories ITV
Broadcasting Limited

Offers In-App Purchases:

  1. Three Little Pigs ASL $5.49
  2. Three Billy Goats Gruff ASL $8.49
  3. The Frog Prince ASL $3.99
  4. The Flower ASL $2.79
  5. The Elves and the Shoemaker ASL $5.49
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Signing Savvy Member App Signing Savvy, LLC

Signing Savvy Member App is for members of Signing Savvy. Signing Savvy is a complete sign language resource that includes a sign language dictionary containing several thousand high-resolution videos of American Sign Language (ASL) signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs used within the United States and Canada.

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SignSchool Learn American Sign Language SignSchool Technologies LLC
  • Browse the dictionary: Learn thousands of signs from a diverse group of signers and various dialects
  • Choose a category: Explore hundreds of sign categories covering a variety of topics
  • Reinforce your learning: Review categories with multiple choice games
  • Learn at your own pace: Watch signs in more detail with the slow- motion feature
  • Play with Sign Builder: Strengthen your vocabulary with the randomized sign generator
  • Improve your ASL with Sign of the Day: Learn a new sign everyday and sign up for daily reminders
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Signshine PureLeit

Offers In-App Purchases:

  1. 10 Video Pack with Signs - Children Activities
  2. 12 Videos Pack with Signs - First Classics
  3. 9 Videos Pack with Signs - Holiday Favorites
  4. Color Signs Pack
  5. Alphabet Signs Pack
  6. Shine Pack
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The ASL App Ink & Salt LLC

The ASL App Pack offers you everything - the entire collection of current available bundles and future releases!

Offers In-App Purchases

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We Sign Basic Matthew Krom

Learn American Sign Language relating to school to help bridge a language gap between home and school. Videos of Deaf adults asking some common questions to Deaf children relating to school. This app features questions with various answers with both "normal" and "slow" play speed options. Also, within the app are further resources to get connected to learn more American Sign Language!

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Storybook Apps
Moon Light Lab at Gallaudet University
  • Stories told in sign language by fluent Deaf storytellers.
  • Easy & accessible navigation designed for children.
  • Page-by-page sign language videos supporting the printed sentences text.
  • Rich interactive narrative with direct English to ASL vocabulary video translation.
  • 120+ new vocabulary words with each app. Parents can learn new ASL signs along with their child.
  • Vivid and captivating illustrations by Deaf artists.
  • App design is based on proven research in bilingualism and visual learning. The ability to view the story in both, ASL and English leads to greater literacy skills in both languages in young children.
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3Strike ASL MmpApps Corp.

Teach yourself American Sign Language Fingerspelling. 3STRIKE ASL quizzes you on the 26 signs for the letters of the alphabet. How many can you get right? Get three wrong and the game is over.

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Picture Title Developer Product Description
ASL Idioms and Phrases Everyday ASL Productions. LTD

Learn how to express idioms and phrases in American Sign Language!Prices range from $30 -$67

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Trixie Bruce
  • A Handmade Treasury of Deaf Folktales
  • ASL Extreme Makeovers: The Art of Personification
  • ASL Role Shifting: “He Said, She Said”
  • ASL Semantics – Focus Word

And many more DVDs. $40 each

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Once Upon a Sign
  • Little Red Riding Hood
  • Stone Soup
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • The Magic Mirror
  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Boy Who Cried Wolf

DVD series: $9.95 each

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Recommended ASL Related Websites

Picture Title Product Description
Deaflympics 2019

Winter Deaf Sports

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Rocky Mountain Deaf School

Awesome ASL videos and YouTube channels

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ASL University

Dr. Bill Vicars

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Deaf Culture Centre

Deaf Culture: Information regarding deaf culture, gift shop, news, etc.

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Deaf Centre Manitoba
Deaf Community in Manitoba

Deaf Centre Manitoba Site

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HandSpeak ASL Dictionary

Information about ASL development, ASL linguistics, videos on ASL acquisition, etc.

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Parent Toolkit View this site
Family Information Centre View this site

Research / Evidence Based / Best Practice Websites ; American Sign Language

Title Product Description
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Raising and Educating Deaf Children View this site
Educating Deaf Children - Question / Answer Forum View this site

Setting language in motion : Family Supports and Early Intervention for Babies who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing ; Gallaudet and Boston Children's Hospital Partnership

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Brain and Language Lab (Signed Languages and Bilingualism)
Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto

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National ASL and English Bilingual Consortium for Early Childhood Education logo

The National ASL and English Bilingual Consortium for Early Childhood Education

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