Policies - Summary of Technology at MSD

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MSD is a modern school offering technical advances such as a visual announcement and classroom communication system, high-end videoconferencing equipment, videophone equipment, a studio and a Multi-media Centre. 


There are 3 main categories of technology used at the school.  These are:


1)      A networked computer system


a)   The networked computer system enables staff and students to access their digital information from almost any workstation in the building.  All classrooms, offices,and  the multimedia centre (MMC) have at least one workstation connected to the network.  Some areas have multiple workstations based on the usage needs of that area.  There are 2 computer labs, one on each floor, and additional workstations located in the MMC. 




2)      Technology for communication and alerting


a)   The media retrieval system, known as the Crestron system, has a dual purpose.  The system was designed to allow classroom teachers to access up to 6 different media at a time without leaving the room.  One workstation is used to run daily announcements shown in the hallways on TVs throughout the school.  Each classroom has a TV that is connected to the system. 


i)    The Crestron system is also used as a communication system.  Attached to each of the TVs in classrooms there is a small camera.  In the main office is a control room.  Each classroom can be contacted from the control room and the control room can be contacted from each classroom.  This allows communication to be visual (ASL) and replaces the P.A. system found in hearing schools.


b)  Tanberg system for distance communication


c)   Videophone and d-link phones are available for staff and students to call outside of MSD.


d)   A room alerting system (green button “doorbells”) located outside each room that when pressed flash lights inside the room alerting those within that someone is at the door.




3)      Multi-media technology: editing, equipment, and studio


a)   The studio room in MSD houses technology for the production of multimedia projects. There is a variety of multi-media equipment including: a video editing workstation, digital cameras, video cameras, and closed captioning equipment.  A multi-media assistant works with staff and students to produce a variety of projects.


b)   There is a variety of equipment available for staff and student use at MSD for supporting teaching and learning in a visual Deaf friendly environment. 

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