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The purpose of the Student Parliament is to provide a means for student expression in school affairs and to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills. They can also create and interpret policies concerning clubs and social activities and, hence, increase the over-all welfare of their school. Other duties include assisting faculty and administrators in all efforts to improve the school, to encourage and maintain school spirit, and to improve relationships among students, teachers, administration and parents. The Student Parliament plans, promotes and hosts social activities for Middle and Senior Years students such as school dances, parties, Spirit Week, Deaf Awareness Week, fundraising, etc...


2013-2014 Student Parliament:
Prime Minister - Frank Nausigimana
Deputy Prime Minister - Fernando Friesen
Minister of Finance - Ayesha Tasneem
Minister of Publications - Christopher Mellecke
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs - Donnelle Chartrand
Minister of Entertainment - Brenna Koskie/Jaden Mazur
Minister of Sports - Tylo Broszeit/Summer Halcrow/Cody Remillard

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Our 2014-2015 yearbooks are here!

If you are interested, they are on sale for $20.00 each.

We are currently working on the 2015-2016 yearbook, which will be published in the fall of 2016.  These books will provide valuable memories as students look back at their time spent at MSD.

Over the years, MSD has published multi-year books.  If you are interested in purchasing a yearbook from previous years we have listed the prices below. Remember they are sold on a first come, first serve basis, until they are gone. Hurry and get yours soon!

2007-2010: $5.00

2010-2011: $10.00

2011-2012: $15.00


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Drumming Club

MSD students have the privilege to enjoy music through moving vibrations of drumming.  Many students have crafted their own drums in our Woods shop.  MSD staff, as well as specialized African drummers and Japanese instructors from the Japanese Cultural Centre have contributed to the drumming program.Over the years, the MSD drumming troupe has performed for various distinguished audiences.

MSD Hand Drum Ensemble
By Jim Coleman

Drumming Club group picture 2014



Drumming Club group picture 2011


On May 2nd, the MSD Hand Drum Ensemble performed at the Manitoba Legislative Building as part of the Manitoba Legislative Musical Performances celebrating Music in Manitoba Schools Month. As the director of the ensemble, I led the group of staff and students. We performed for an audience consisting of the general public , the media, the Manitoba Legislative Ministers and staff, 5 other school musical groups and several former MSD staff members. Honourable Peter Bjornson introduced our drumming group explaining our way of applauding with wavy hands. Our performance “Polyrhythms”, which was the maximum allotted length of 10 minutes, received a round of waving hand applause. Our exceptional performance was the result of our month long practices at noon and after school. After the performance, many people acknowledged our efforts by offering their thanks and appreciation of our group. Even the music leaders of the other schools gave us the thumbs up! We all truly felt great after this experience!

After the performance, we were chosen to receive a huge poster of the event which listed the names of the schools that performed that day. This poster is now being displayed at the front office at MSD. A short video of part of our performance and photographs will be posted on our MSD webpage. Our drumming ensemble has also been invited for a tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building in the morning on June 21st. After the guided tour, we will be going to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch in the afternoon in Osborne Village. Special thanks goes to Erica Weselowski for being my ears for listening for misplaced drum beats and to Michael Austria for practicing/supervising my drumming group afterschool while I worked with students individually on their solos, duos and etc... It will be sad to see most of these drumming students graduate this year, but hopefully they will continue to drum with the ensemble in the future. Perhaps we will have a new drumming group next year and will begin all over again!!



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Networking Days

Networking Days

Twice per year, MSD welcomes Deaf and hard of hearing students from public schools throughout Manitoba along with their signing Educational Assistants, school professionals and parents. Networking Days provide a unique opportunity for Deaf and hard of hearing students throughout the province to meet, socialize and build relationships with their peer group.  During these events Student Parliament leaders create and provide fun-filled activities for visiting students while our school team instructs helpful workshops for attending professionals and parents.

The next Networking Day will be held on April 24th, 2014.

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International Week of the Deaf (IWD)

International Week of the Deaf (IWD)

This typically occurs during the third week of September and encourages the celebration of Deaf Pride.  Carefully planned activities offer an opportunity for students to gain exposure to numerous well-known Deaf people from across Canada and globally, as well as compete on teams in various educational activities.  Student Parliament leaders are given the opportunity to use and develop their leadership and team building skills

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Youth Canada Tournament of the Deaf (YCTD)


Manitoba team 2013



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Japan Sister School

Sister School – The Toyohashi School for the Deaf in Japan


MSD and its Sister School take turns hosting an exchange program. Typically 3 or 4 students and two staff take part in each exchange trip. Our inaugural exchange took place in 1999. Those students who come from Toyohashi School for the Deaf (established in 1898), learn about Canadian culture and soon realize how cold Winnipeg really is. They have been known to enjoy seeing the snow for the first time, learning how to skate, going on hayrides as well as partaking in French-Canadian cuisine.  In turn, students from MSD travel to Japan to sight-see and learn about Japanese culture.  MSD students and staff have always enjoyed interacting and communicating with our visitors using two different languages (American Sign Language and Japanese Sign Language). 

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Robotics Club

The Robotics Club was established in1997 and continues to thrive. This is an extra-curricular program where MSD students learn to assemble various parts into robotic vehicles. They participate in
an annual competition against other schools throughout the province.

Check website link: Manitoba Robot Games


Robotic Club 2014


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Jump Rope

MSD students participate in the Jump Rope Marathon every year.

The middle years students often have a short demonstaration of the jump rope skills they have learned. 

We have prizes for those students who fundraise the most in 3 categories; Early Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

Please check the calendar for specific dates when they become available. 


JUMP FOR HEART AND STROKE MARATHON On the afternoon of March 26th, 2014 MSD students and staff participated in the Jump for Heart and Stroke Marathon in the gym. We were divided into 8 teams (6 students and 2 staff per team) and took part in 8 different jump rope activities. After a demonstration by the Middle Years students showing us what to do at each jumping station we began jumping and con- tinued for an hour and a half including a short break for some water and orange slices. We are proud to announce that we collected over $2,500.00 which is an increase from last year’s $2,400.00. Wow! MSD extends our gratitude to parents and students who worked hard to collect funds in support of JUMP FOR HEART AND STROKE. The dollar amount we raised will be converted into points for a monetary award toward gym equipment. Last year, we were able to purchase: 6 30” beaded ropes, 12 hoops, 2 ex- ercise balls, 1 Jumbo Ostrich Egg and Spoons, and 2 sets of speed stacks. Thank you to the MY students who were willing to demonstrate the activities for the school and thanks to the SY students who used their creativity to come up with the activities. Thank you to the staff who participated and kept our spirits up with their encouragement and positive attitudes. And a very special thank you goes to Ms. Joan Coupland, who has been keep- ing track of the money and donation records since 2011.


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