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The purpose of the Student Parliament is to provide a means for student expression in school affairs and to give students an opportunity to develop leadership skills. They can also create and interpret policies concerning clubs and social activities and, hence, increase the over-all welfare of their school. Other duties include assisting faculty and administrators in all efforts to improve the school, to encourage and maintain school spirit, and to improve relationships among students, teachers, administration and parents. The Student Parliament plans, promotes and hosts social activities for Middle and Senior Years students such as school dances, parties, Spirit Week, Deaf Awareness Week, fundraising, etc...


2013-2014 Student Parliament:
Prime Minister - Frank Nausigimana
Deputy Prime Minister - Fernando Friesen
Minister of Finance - Ayesha Tasneem
Minister of Publications - Christopher Mellecke
Minister of Aboriginal Affairs - Donnelle Chartrand
Minister of Entertainment - Brenna Koskie/Jaden Mazur
Minister of Sports - Tylo Broszeit/Summer Halcrow/Cody Remillard

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