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MSD students participate in the Jump Rope Marathon every year.

The middle years students often have a short demonstaration of the jump rope skills they have learned. 

We have prizes for those students who fundraise the most in 3 categories; Early Years, Middle Years and Senior Years.

Please check the calendar for specific dates when they become available. 


JUMP FOR HEART AND STROKE MARATHON On the afternoon of March 26th, 2014 MSD students and staff participated in the Jump for Heart and Stroke Marathon in the gym. We were divided into 8 teams (6 students and 2 staff per team) and took part in 8 different jump rope activities. After a demonstration by the Middle Years students showing us what to do at each jumping station we began jumping and con- tinued for an hour and a half including a short break for some water and orange slices. We are proud to announce that we collected over $2,500.00 which is an increase from last year’s $2,400.00. Wow! MSD extends our gratitude to parents and students who worked hard to collect funds in support of JUMP FOR HEART AND STROKE. The dollar amount we raised will be converted into points for a monetary award toward gym equipment. Last year, we were able to purchase: 6 30” beaded ropes, 12 hoops, 2 ex- ercise balls, 1 Jumbo Ostrich Egg and Spoons, and 2 sets of speed stacks. Thank you to the MY students who were willing to demonstrate the activities for the school and thanks to the SY students who used their creativity to come up with the activities. Thank you to the staff who participated and kept our spirits up with their encouragement and positive attitudes. And a very special thank you goes to Ms. Joan Coupland, who has been keep- ing track of the money and donation records since 2011.


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