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Drumming Club

MSD students have the privilege to enjoy music through moving vibrations of drumming.  Many students have crafted their own drums in our Woods shop.  MSD staff, as well as specialized African drummers and Japanese instructors from the Japanese Cultural Centre have contributed to the drumming program.Over the years, the MSD drumming troupe has performed for various distinguished audiences.

MSD Hand Drum Ensemble
By Jim Coleman

Drumming Club group picture 2014



Drumming Club group picture 2011


On May 2nd, the MSD Hand Drum Ensemble performed at the Manitoba Legislative Building as part of the Manitoba Legislative Musical Performances celebrating Music in Manitoba Schools Month. As the director of the ensemble, I led the group of staff and students. We performed for an audience consisting of the general public , the media, the Manitoba Legislative Ministers and staff, 5 other school musical groups and several former MSD staff members. Honourable Peter Bjornson introduced our drumming group explaining our way of applauding with wavy hands. Our performance “Polyrhythms”, which was the maximum allotted length of 10 minutes, received a round of waving hand applause. Our exceptional performance was the result of our month long practices at noon and after school. After the performance, many people acknowledged our efforts by offering their thanks and appreciation of our group. Even the music leaders of the other schools gave us the thumbs up! We all truly felt great after this experience!

After the performance, we were chosen to receive a huge poster of the event which listed the names of the schools that performed that day. This poster is now being displayed at the front office at MSD. A short video of part of our performance and photographs will be posted on our MSD webpage. Our drumming ensemble has also been invited for a tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building in the morning on June 21st. After the guided tour, we will be going to an Ethiopian restaurant for lunch in the afternoon in Osborne Village. Special thanks goes to Erica Weselowski for being my ears for listening for misplaced drum beats and to Michael Austria for practicing/supervising my drumming group afterschool while I worked with students individually on their solos, duos and etc... It will be sad to see most of these drumming students graduate this year, but hopefully they will continue to drum with the ensemble in the future. Perhaps we will have a new drumming group next year and will begin all over again!!



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