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Senior Years

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Senior Years

MSD offers Senior Years programming for Grades 9 to 12. The school follows the standard provincial curriculum which is developed by Manitoba Education. MSD strives to offer a variety of courses to meet the needs, interests and abilities of students.  Students must achieve 30 credits, or more, during their Grade 9 – 12 years.  The majority of courses at MSD are scheduled based on the semester system, meaning that five courses are taken from September to January, and five different courses are taken from February to June.  Some courses are offered every other day throughout the school year and are referred to as non-semestered courses.  Grade 12 students write the Provincial English Language Arts and Math Standards Tests at the end of their course. 
Credit System


Beginning in Grade 9, students accumulate credits for courses completed each year.  A total of 30 credits are required for graduation, some of which are compulsory and some of which are electives.  Students are able to register for both half and full credit courses.  Credits are earned when students achieve a passing grade of 50% in a course.  Information can be gained from course numbers:

·        The first number indicates the grade level for the course:

o   Grade 9 – 1

o   Grade 10 – 2

o   Grade 11 – 3

o   Grade 12 – 4

 ·        The second number indicates:

 o   Provincially approved full credit course – 0

 o   Provincially approved half credit course – 5

 o   Approved School Initiated Course – 1

 ·        The letter following the second number indicates the type of course:

 o   Foundations – F

 o   Specialized – S

 o   General – G

So, for example, Science 20F indicates a Grade 10 (2), full credit (0), provincially approved foundations course (F) in Science.

Note that prerequisites for programs at post-secondary institutions may differ from graduation requirements.  It is important to seek accurate information regarding course requirements for specific programs.



·        Distance Learning courses

·        On-line courses

·        Student Initiated Projects

·        Apprenticeship Program

·        Community Service Credit

·        Cultural Exploration Credit

·        Mature Student Program

·        Students are also eligible to register for courses, not offered at 
         MSD,  in St. James high schools depending on availability of space 


Each year in June, a convocation ceremony is held in the school gym for students in the graduating class.  This is followed by a celebration which is planned by the students with the support of parents and the Grad Advisors.  

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