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Middle Years Programming


The Middle Years learner has unique needs. As such, MSD offers a  Middle Years program to meet the needs of the whole child, which includes a multidisciplinary team and experiential learning.  Students do not rotate through subject area teachers, but take most of their core subjects with two primary teachers.  Emphasis is placed on the development of social skills, self-awareness and identity while still studying the curriculum developed by Maniotba Education.


Students take ICT (Information, Communication, and Technology)  and Physical Education classes three times a cycle.  They also participate in practical arts classes once a cycle.  These rotate throughout the year and could include cooking, sewing, industrial arts, or video production.


Manipulative Visual Language


MVL is based on principles developed by Maria Montessori combined with an updated spin for Deaf and hard of hearing learners to help crack the code of English.  It is an innovative system which presents the rules of grammar visually enabling students to see, touch and manipulate parts of speech using colorful shapes made of wood or plastic.


Roots of Empathy


Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program that reduces aggression and violence and increases pro-social behaviours such as compassion, respect and empathy.  At the time ROE was introduced MSD was the first and only school for the Deaf offering this program!


Roots of Empathy is supported by Healthy Child Manitoba and is designed for 4 separate levels: Kindergarten, grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-8.  ROE is taught by a certified ROE instructor and includes monthly visits with a volunteer BABY and parent(s).  This program is sought after by over 100 schools in Manitoba, as well as nationally and internationally.


Science Fair


Middle Year’s students participate in a school wide Science Fair. Students work through the process of scientific inquiry with their teacher from developing a hypothesis to reaching a conclusion.  Projects are displayed are judged and then displayed for viewing by parents, staff members and the student body.

Student Parliament


Students in Middle Years have the option of participating in Student Parliament.  Student Parliament members work together to plan, promote, and host school sponsored social activities for Middle and Senior Years students.



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